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Report: Sinergia Animal releases its 2021 achievements for animals

Results show successful efforts to overcome pandemic challenges and significant improvements in many different areas

Sinergia has just published its 2021 Year in Review report. The document details the organization’s achievements and impact for farmed animals throughout the past year.

Despite the pandemic reaching its worst moments in many countries where the organization operates, Sinergia showed creative and effective solutions to keep benefiting a large number of animals. “Sinergia Animal had solid growth in the number of corporate policies to reduce animal suffering, our participation in tracking programs, our presence in mainstream media, and our reach in digital platforms, such as newsletters and social media,” says the organization’s Executive Director, Carolina Galvani, in her letter to the public.

Among the many achievements, some of the highlights include 27 new cage-free commitments in 35 countries—with the potential of setting millions of hens free from cages—and the 51,000 people subscribed to Sinergia’s vegan challenges in Latin America, Indonesia, and Thailand. Six new institutions in Argentina and Colombia have also committed to stop serving animal products at least once a week in their cafeterias with the assistance of Sinergia’s Nourishing Tomorrow programs.

The report also talks about the launch of the Banks For Animals website. By assessing and ranking financial institutions’ operations regarding animal welfare policies, the platform adds pressure on banks to do better in terms of protecting animals and brings more transparency so consumers can make fairer and more ethical decisions when it comes to their own money.

Sinergia’s work has not gone unnoticed by the media, with the organization’s campaigns and other activities being featured in more than 700 media outlets around the world.

And, thus, after being elected by Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) as one of the most effective animal protection organizations in the world in 2018 and in 2020, 2021 was Sinergia Animal’s fourth year in a row as an ACE Standout Charity.

Such achievements keep Sinergia Animal’s team motivated to grow even bigger and bring many more victories for the animals in the Global South. “We feel safer, stronger, and more prepared to continue growing and helping even more animals in 2022. Our gratitude for our supporters continues to grow as well, as we know that without our volunteers, followers, and donors, none of this would have been possible”, says Galvani.


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