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Year in Review Reports

Learn more about Sinergia Animal's results over the years

2023 YearInReview 2.jpg

Year in Review 2023

This year has been an absolute game-changer for Sinergia Animal and, looking back, it’s clear to see that we’ve achieved some incredible things and taken some monumental strides towards a better world. The corporate policies dedicated to reducing animal suffering that we have impacted have skyrocketed by an astounding 70% compared to last year. Enter our Nourishing Tomorrow program, where we proudly report an impact of a whopping 1.2 million meals now being served without animal products—a threefold increase from the 580,000 meals influenced last year.  Our commitment to educating healthcare professionals on the merits of a plant-based diet has seen a very impressive threefold increase in participants completing the course and earning certification. And that’s not all—these are just highlights.

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Year in Review 2020

This report details Sinergia Animal’s 2020 accomplishments. It also includes highlights from our second recommendation as one of Animal Charity Evaluators’ Standout Charities, as well as information on how our campaigns were impacted due to the Covid-19 pandemic and how we adapted to those changes. Additional highlights include: 14 new cage-free egg commitments, the expansion of vegan challenges and institutional meat reduction programs, the first pig and dairy cow welfare campaigns in Brazil, the launch of our divestment campaign globally, six new undercover investigations, and our growing capacity to influence public opinion in the Global South.

2022 year report.jpg

Year in Review 2022

This report details our 2022 accomplishments. 

First of all, we are thrilled that Animal Charity Evaluators recommended Sinergia Animal as an excellent giving opportunity and elected us as a Standout Charity for the fifth consecutive year. 

The report also includes information on the 2725 corporate commitments we helped secure and our efforts to enforce commitments via our cage-free trackers. It highlights our investigations into fish farms in Southeast Asia and egg farms supplying large supermarkets in Latin America. It also features our progress with governance, people management, media outreach, vegan challenges, institutional reduction programs and outreach to financial institutions.

Sinergia Animal 2019 - Year in

Year in Review 2019

The report presents the advancements of Sinergia Animal during the year of 2019. It includes information about our international expansion, cage-free egg policies secured, four investigations published, vegan challenge growth in Latin America and their expansion to Indonesia and Thailand, and pilot projects such as Alimentando El Mañana (Feeding Tomorrow), our animal consumption reduction project for institutions in Colombia, and our divestment campaign, which is mapping financiers to encourage divestment from livestock. Aside from that, the report presents important initiatives regarding workplace culture and governance.

cover report 2021.jpg

Year in Review 2021

This report details Sinergia Animal’s 2021 accomplishments. It includes information on how we doubled our impact by securing 27 cage-free commitments throughout 35 countries and on the launch of our new platform,, bringing transparency to the financial sector regarding animal welfare policies. When it comes to switching to a more plant-based world, we provide further details on six new institutions that committed to our Nourishing Tomorrow program and on the results of our vegan challenges, which reached 51,000 new subscriptions in 2021 only. We also show how we’ve been influencing public opinion by publishing one new and unprecedented investigation in Indonesia, and by surpassing the mark of 700 media hits in one year.

2017-18 Year in Review.jpg

Year in Review 2017–2018

The Year in Review presents the advancements of Sinergia Animal between its start in 2017 and 2018. It reports our first operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia, and how we managed to secure 13 cage-free egg policies and build a community of thousands of followers right at the beginning of our trajectory. It also presents strategies such as celebrity and press outreach and the initial plans to expand to Southeast Asia and start consumer campaigns to promote plant-based diets, in addition to institutional measures such as our international Board of Advisors and training.

Financial Statements

Learn more about Sinergia Animal's financial statements.

Financial Statement 2022

Financial Statement 2019

Financial Statement 2021

Financial Statement 2020

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