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Results Report
January to May 2020

This results report presents Sinergia Animal’s accomplishments between January and May of 2020, including results from two investigations disclosed in this period, corporate cage-free egg campaigns, World Day for the End of Fishing campaign, vegan challenges, and Alimentando El Mañana (Feeding Tomorrow), our animal consumption reduction program for institutions in Colombia. 

Year in Review

The report presents the advancements of Sinergia Animal during the year of 2019. It includes information about our international expansion, cage-free egg policies secured, four investigations published, vegan challenge growth in Latin America and their expansion to Indonesia and Thailand, and pilot projects such as Alimentando El Mañana (Feeding Tomorrow), our animal consumption reduction project for institutions in Colombia, and our divestment campaign, which is mapping financiers to encourage divestment from livestock. Aside from that, the report presents important initiatives regarding workplace culture and governance.

Year in Review

The Year in Review presents the advancements of Sinergia Animal between its start in 2017 and 2018. It reports our first operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia, and how we managed to secure 13 cage-free egg policies and build a community of thousands of followers right at the beginning of our trajectory. It also presents strategies such as celebrity and press outreach and the initial plans to expand to Southeast Asia and start consumer campaigns to promote plant-based diets, in addition to institutional measures such as our international Board of Advisors and training.