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Inspire Brands announces global cage-free egg policy

After conversations with animal protection organizations, including Sinergia Animal, the multi-brand restaurant company Inspire Brands has announced a global cage-free egg policy that will apply to all its brands globally. They will complete the transition by 2025.

Inspire Brands is one of the world’s leading restaurant companies, and is known for many household brands such as Dunkin’, Baskin-Robbins, Arby’s, Sonic, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Jimmy John’s. They are currently operating in more than 65 countries with 32,000 restaurants worldwide. This commitment highlights the importance of having a cage-free policy, as the practice is becoming industry standard.

Inspire Brands is among the thousands of companies around the world that have published statements banning the use of eggs produced in the cruel system of battery cages and pledging to source cage-free eggs. Companies, egg producers, and consumers are moving away from traditional battery cages due to the enormous suffering of laying hens and the human health concerns involved.

In battery cage systems, laying hens cannot perform many of their natural behaviors, such as spreading their wings completely, pecking, and nesting. With the lack of space and extreme confinement, they experience high stress levels, and are much more susceptible to the development of painful illnesses.

Sinergia Animal uses conversations, negotiations, and awareness campaigns to encourage major food companies to adopt cage-free policies in their supply chains.


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