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Carolina Galvani, Executive Director of Sinergia Animal, joins the World Federation for Animals Board

The World Federation for Animals (WFA) announced its new Board, following the General Assembly held on May 15 in Copenhagen. Carolina Galvani, Executive Director of Sinergia Animal, was elected alongside a diverse group of visionary leaders in the animal protection movement. WFA’s core mission is to getanimal welfare recognized as essential to the sustainable development agenda.

The WFA is comprised of over 60 NGOs worldwide. Fourteen leaders from the world’s most prominent animal welfare organizations joined its Board this year. Their common interest is to champion the integration of animal welfare into international health, food, and environmental regimes, as well as trade and development finance rules. The federation also aims to transform policymakers’ mindsets, unify and empower animal protection NGOs in international fora, and drive meaningful change worldwide.

“Recognizing animal welfare as a cornerstone of the sustainable development agenda is not just noble, it’s paramount, especially for organizations operating in Global South countries. Achieving this milestone holds immense significance as it paves the way for more robust animal protection efforts across the globe. I'm thrilled to be part of the WFA Board and eagerly look forward to playing my part in advancing this vital mission,” said Carolina Galvani.

Carolina Galvani, a Brazilian with 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector, brings unique skills to the WFA. Her diverse background includes research, investigation, strategic planning, mobilization, communication, and movement building. As an investigative journalist for leading NGOs, she has covered environmental, social, and animal welfare issues in over 30 countries.

In September 2017, she founded Sinergia Animal, an international organization aimed at reducing the suffering of farmed animals in the Global South and promoting compassionate food choices. 


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