8 vegan movies and documentaries you must watch

The eye-opening documentary The Game Changers was released recently on Netflix and people won't stop talking about it. If you too are a Netflix aficionado, there are even more movies and documentaries about veganism and animal rights to be explored. Here are some of them:

1. The Game Changers

The movie of the moment is the documentary The Game Changers, which shows the benefits of a plant-based diet to high-performance athletes: less inflammation, lower risk of heart disease and metabolic problems, and even stronger sexual performance. Not a coincidence, it's produced by elite athletes such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, the tennis player Novak Djokovic and NBA basketball player Chris Paul, among other celebrities like Jackie Chan and James Cameron. Available on Netflix.

2. What The Health

If you are interested in the dark relationship between the government, animal agriculture, and the pharmaceutical industry, this is for you. What The Health critiques the health impact of meat and dairy product consumption while giving the viewer plenty of scientific information and featuring numerous interviews with experts. Not surprisingly, many people went vegan after watching it! Available on Netflix.

3. Okja

If you prefer fiction movies instead of documentaries, you must watch Okja. This joint South Korean and American production talks about a girl who raises a genetically modified superpig, which is destined to be sent to slaughter. Besides several fantasy elements, the movie is cruelly realistic and shocking when it comes to showing how the meat industry works. Available on Netflix.

4. Cowspiracy

One of the most famous movies about veganism is Cowspirary, released in 2014 by the same producers of What The Health. The Netflix version was produced by none other than Leonardo Di Caprio. The documentary explores the impact of animal agriculture on the environment, talking about issues such as global warming, water use, deforestation, and ocean dead zones. Available on Netflix.

5. Earthlings

Earthlings is a classic! Despite having been released in 2005, it's still sadly current. The documentary, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, shows the day-to-day practices of some of the largest industries in the world and the suffering endured by animals at factory farms, research labs, puppy mills and more, drawing parallels between racism, sexism, and speciesism. Watch it here.

6. Dominion

Paul McCartney says, "if slaughterhouses were made of glass, everyone would be vegetarian". Well, slaughterhouses are not made of glass, but with the Australian documentary Dominion everything that happens in the meat, dairy, egg, clothing, and entertainment industries is exposed through drones, hidden footage, and handheld cameras. Watch it here.

7. Food Choices

The director Michal Siewierski spent three years interviewing over 30 top experts from many different fields about the impact the food we eat has on human health, the environment and on the lives of other living species. As a result, Food Choices tries to get answers to his question of what is the healthiest and most sustainable diet for ourselves, our planet, and future generations. Watch here.

8. Live and Let Live

Live and Let Live is a documentary that puts together six different stories of individuals who went vegan: from a former butcher who became a vegan chef, a former farmer who started a sanctuary, a professional athlete, and animal rights activists. It also features appearances by Melanie Joy, a sociologist and psychologist who discusses the ideology of carnism; George Rodger, chair of The Vegan Society; Peter Singer, professor of bioethics, and many other experts, in order to explain the ethical, environmental, and health reasons why people become vegan. Watch it here.

After all this information, you must be asking yourself how to go vegan. It's easier than you think!