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The Guardian features Sinergia Animal’s divestment campaign

The British newspaper The Guardian has published an article highlighting Sinergia Animal's divestment campaign in partnership with Feedback Global and Global Forest Coalition. The initiative asks development banks to make a commitment to stop funding factory farming due to animal agriculture's devastating implications for climate, the environment, public health, etc. "In July, we revealed that the International Finance Corporation (IFC)—the commercial lending arm of the World Bank—and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) had provided £2.1bn to the meat and dairy industry despite scientists' warnings of links to climate catastrophe," reads the article. It also highlights the importance of Sinergia Animal's and other NGO's commitments to tackling these issues: "A coalition of NGOs has called on global development banks to divest from factory farming. The call came at the first-ever global meeting of all public development banks last week."


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