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Just in! Sinergia Animal is an ACE’s Standout Charity for the 5th year in a row

Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) has just released its 2022 evaluation electing Sinergia Animal as a Standout Charity for the fifth year running. This means that since 2018, we have been rated as one of the most effective animal protection organizations in the world.

Even though Sinergia Animal is just five years old, the Standout Charity status recognizes that the work we have been doing for animals in the Global South is some of the most effective worldwide and that we effectively use the donations we receive to help a large number of farmed animals.

“We are deeply honored to be a 2022 Standout Charity. This incredible achievement is the outcome of the very dedicated and passionate work of our team members and, of course, every single one of our amazing supporters. Today we are sending our deepest thanks to every single person who supports our work,” said Carolina Galvani, Sinergia Animal’s founder and Executive Director.

Effective interventions, high priority countries, and cost-effectiveness

“Overall, we assess Sinergia Animal’s cost effectiveness as ‘high’,” says ACE’s report.

The evaluation positively emphasizes the priority that our organization gives to countries of moderate to high importance for farmed animals in the Global South. “The main interventions used by Sinergia Animal International—corporate outreach, policy work, and producer outreach—are likely to be very effective in improving welfare standards for farmed animals. Additionally, their work on institutional vegan outreach is likely to be very effective in increasing the availability of animal-free products, which can lead to a decrease in the consumption of animal products.”

And “because most of Sinergia Animal’s spending on programs goes toward animal groups, countries, outcomes, and/or interventions that we consider high priority, overall, we consider the expected effectiveness of Sinergia Animal’s programs as ‘high’,”' Animal Charity Evaluators noted.

Transparency, staff engagement, and leadership

The Standout Charities announcement is the result of a thorough review by ACE of organizations achieving the most significant impact on animals worldwide—a months-long process that looks into numerous critical areas. Besides effectiveness, it also takes into consideration other important factors such as transparency, staff satisfaction, and leadership.

“We positively noted that Sinergia Animal is transparent toward external stakeholders, has a large number of staff policies, staff generally agree that leadership guides the organization competently, and staff are engaged and satisfied with their job,” ACE concluded. It also highlighted that it conducted an internal survey in which 95% of Sinergia Animal’s staff declared they agree that our leadership guides the organization competently.

Together, we can help millions of animals

Overall, ACE recommends Sinergia Animal as an “excellent giving opportunity”.

“We are thrilled with this recommendation and will keep doing our best to use the donations we receive in the most effective and impactful ways to create the best future we can for farmed animals,” said Sinergia Animal’s Executive Director. “There’s still an enormous amount of work to do. We know that building a better world for animals and humans is an ongoing challenge. But it’s because of committed people, like you, that we can succeed,” she added.

If you want to support positive change for millions of farmed animals, please consider making a donation today.


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