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Sinergia Animal's CEO participates in an episode of the 'Great Talks With' Podcast

Sinergia Animal's work was the subject of a recent episode of the Great Talks With podcast. In a conversation with Emil Ekvardt, the interviewer and creator of the Swedish Initiative, SA's CEO Carolina Galvani talked about the challenges the animal advocacy movement faces today and how Sinergia approaches them. "We will never use verbal or peaceful aggression in these protests. We are nice, we talk to people, we talk to consumers on the street, we talk to the representatives of the companies or the police, and that is always done in a very peaceful way," said Galvani. She also acknowledged the particular circumstances of animal rights activism in the Global South (where Sinergia Animal works exclusively), and she discussed how guaranteeing a better future for animals requires unceasing hard work.

To learn more about our team's work in Latin America and Southeast Asia, listen to the complete episode here.


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