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Sinergia Animal remains an ACE-recommended charity - for the sixth year in a row

Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) has again named Sinergia Animal as a recommended charity, meaning we have made some of the greatest gains for animals in the whole global animal protection movement. ACE is an independent research organization dedicated to identifying the most cost-effective ways to help animals. Sinergia Animal has been recommended because, following a detailed evaluation, ACE has concluded it is one of the handful of nonprofits where your donations will go the farthest.

This year ACE’s ranking system has changed. Recommended charities are no longer split into two tiers: Top and Standout. Now, all 11 selected charities are awarded the same rank: Recommended.

“We could not be prouder to be named as a Recommended Charity.” Carolina Galvani, Sinergia Animal’s Executive Director, said. “This achievement represents months of tireless work, taking on some of the biggest companies and institutions in the world. It represents thousands of animal lives changed for the better; and millions of carbon footprints reduced. At the end of the day, this ACE recommendation was only possible because of our dedicated and passionate team, and, above all, our supporters. You are the backbone of everything we do. Thank you for fighting for the animals alongside us.”

In its review, ACE commended the cost-effectiveness of Sinergia Animal’s programmes. In particular, our track record of corporate commitments and our work promoting plant-based meal options to large institutions are considered highly effective.

Together, we can help millions of animals

Overall, ACE recommends Sinergia Animal as an “excellent giving opportunity”.

“Even with all the progress we have made, there is still work to do. We will not stop until every hen is able to flap her wings. Not until we have created a compassionate food system for all”, said Galvani.

Every donation made to Sinergia Animal will go straight towards the programmes that ACE has reviewed. If you want to support positive change for millions of farmed animals, please consider making a donation today.


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