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After dialogue with Sinergia Animal, Burger King goes cage-free in Thailand

Burger King, one of the main fast-food chains in the world, has committed to going cage-free in Thailand after over a year of dialogue with Sinergia Animal. This policy applies to the already existing 115 Burger King restaurants and to future locations in Thailand owned by Minor International, the sole franchise owner of Burger King in the country. The transition should be finished by 2027.

Commitments like this have the potential to reduce the suffering of hens in Thailand. Currently, the majority of hens in Thailand are kept in a system called battery cages, which is considered one of the cruelest practices in animal agriculture. The system has already been banned in the whole European Union and in many states in the US.

Many international companies, such as Sodexo, Compass Group, and Unilever, have already committed to stop sourcing eggs from facilities that use cages worldwide, including Thailand.

Other companies whose commitments cover Thailand are Tesco Lotus and Subway. Tesco Lotus announced a cage-free commitment for Thailand and Malaysia last year. Subway has announced a commitment to source only cage-free eggs in their supply chain in Thailand and six other Asian countries, after a relentless campaign from Sinergia Animal.

Sinergia Animal is working diligently, through negotiations and campaigns, to get more companies to join this movement in Thailand. You can be a part of it by signing up to volunteer: with quick and easy online actions, you can help reduce the suffering of thousands of animals.

Want to help even more animals? Please support our work as we try to create a more compassionate world: click here to donate now.


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