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Sinergia Animal joins climate coalition to transform the food system

Sinergia Animal is now part of a coalition of civil society organizations that joined together with the aim to transform the food system in order to mitigate the impact of climate change. The group, called 50by40, is composed of organizations that focus on several different areas, such as health, climate change, biodiversity, youth, faith, animal welfare, grassroots, and social justice.

These organizations are joined by over 50 of the world’s leading scientists who have called for a reduction in livestock production from middle and high-income countries. The effort is championed by Dr. Helen Harwatt, a Food & Climate Policy Fellow from the Harvard Animal Law & Policy Program, Harvard Law School.

Through this initiative, we ask countries to:

  • Declare a time frame for ‘peak livestock’ – a commitment to reaching the peak of the total quantity of livestock produced from each species.

  • Identify the largest emitters and set reduction targets for that production.

  • Diversify food production by replacing livestock with carbon and health-friendly foods such as pulses, grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

  • Restore native vegetation cover over uncultivated land to minimize emissions.

What's up with animal agriculture?

Animal agriculture is accountable for something between 14.5% and 18% of all human-induced greenhouse gas emissions. Besides that, diets based on animal products are directly related to other serious issues, such as the rising of malnutrition and unhealthy eating habits; primary forests being cleared at an alarming rate; and our soil, land, air and water systems being compromised.

This alliance comes at a crucial moment of the planet's history: in 2018, we faced the largest greenhouse gas concentration since records began, according to the UN’s World Meteorological Organization. If we don't pool our efforts towards a more sustainable, healthy and compassionate food system, in which animal products such as meat and dairy are replaced by plant-based proteins, it will be most likely impossible to stop climate change from reaching a catastrophic scenario.

To support this initiative and potentialize our work for the environment, you can make a donation to us. And please, consider a vegan diet.


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