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Sentient Media publishes op-ed signed by Sinergia Animal's divestment campaigner

Animal advocacy media outlet Sentient Media recently published an article written by Merel van der Mark, the head of Sinergia Animal's divestment campaign. The publication follows an action carried out by Sinergia Animal and partner organizations, that asked development banks to commit to stop funding factory farms during the Finance in Common Summit, which happened in Paris this past November. Although the livestock industry is the most harmful industry to humans, the planet, and animals, the article argues that this topic has been receiving less attention than fossil fuels: “For decades, advocates have focused on the need to divest from fossil fuels. Now, to address the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and the ongoing threat of zoonotic disease, advocates must turn their calls for divestment to the factory farming industry”. It also recalls the fact that development banks are often tax-funded and, as such, must be held accountable for the social and environmental impacts their investments cause. “These institutions are often funded with tax money, meaning development banks are distributing our money to make investments that can jeopardize the future of this planet. Their budget is channeled to large multinational corporations contributing to increased social inequalities and leading to significant environmental and social impacts while creating a few, mostly badly paid jobs”, the article highlights.

Learn more about what development banks are and their responsibility with regard to the animal agriculture by reading the complete article here.

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