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Plant Based News highlights Sinergia Animal’s call for banks to divest from factory farms

The vegan news platform Plant Based News (PBN) has published an article highlighting Sinergia Animal’s campaign demanding banks to start divesting from factory farms. The piece mentions that although animal agriculture is one of the most harmful industries for humanity and the planet, it receives a significant share of the investments made by development banks: “Despite intensive animal farming being a major factor in these existential threats, money—to the tune of billions of dollars—has been poured into the sector by development banks”.

The article emphasizes the incoherence between the pledge these banks took to curb climate change and the massive investments they have been making in factory farms, especially in the Global South. "A development bank’s mission should be to support the sustainable development of a country or a region,” Sinergia Animal's CEO Carolina Galvani told Plant Based News.

To learn more about Sinergia Animal’s divestment campaign, read the full article.


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