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Pizza Express announces cage-free egg policy for their restaurants in Indonesia

Restaurant brand Pizza Marzano has just announced a cage-free commitment in Indonesia after a campaign coordinated by Sinergia Animal and Animal Friends Jogja. The company started implementing the use of cage-free eggs at all locations in February 2021, and will complete the full transition in their supply chain — including all forms of eggs: fresh, processed, and in products — by 2025.

Pizza Marzano is part of Pizza Express, a restaurant group based in the United Kingdom with operations in several Asian countries such as Hong Kong, China, India, Kuwait, The Philippines, The United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia. In Indonesia alone, Pizza Marzano owns around 20 stores. Other major companies that have announced cage-free commitments in Indonesia include Burger King and Autogrill.

Battery cages are an intensive egg production system that keeps hens in tightly crowded spaces that prevent them from walking, pecking, or spreading their wings completely, which are natural behaviours and essential for their wellbeing. Most of them suffer injuries and feather loss due to the constant contact with the cages’ wires. In Indonesia, more than 150 million hens live under these terrible conditions. Just between 2015 and 2017, the country had an increase of almost 3 thousand per cent in its chicken meat and egg exports, exporting those products to countries all over the Asian continent.

Pizza Marzano is taking a very important stand by announcing this commitment in Indonesia, but there’s still a long way to go when it comes to protecting these animals in the country. To prevent other hens from the same suffering and pain inside cages, we are asking other food companies—including McDonald’s—to stop selling products made with eggs from caged hens in Indonesia. Sign the petition to support our demand here.


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