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OFC announces a cage-free policy

Operadora Franquicias de Colombia (OFC S.A.), owner of the restaurant chains Buffalo Wings, Dos Chingones, and Ramen Fuku Bar, has announced a cage-free policy after talks with Sinergia Animal. The commitment applies to its three brands and 41 locations in Colombia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

Buffalo Wings is among the 20 restaurants with the highest revenues in Colombia; Dos Chingones and Ramen Fuku Bar have locations in Colombia’s capital city of Bogotá, offering Mexican food and artisanal Ramen. As of 2025, 100% of these establishments’ egg supply will be cage free. This announcement follows the trend of major brands such as Grupo IGA, Presto, OMA, Jeno’s Pizza, Juan Valdez, Crepes & Waffles, among others that have announced similar policies for countries in Latin America in the last few months.

There are about 50 million laying hens in Colombia alone, and 70% of them spend their lives in battery cages. This intensive production system keeps hens in tightly crowded spaces that prevent them from walking, pecking or spreading their wings. Most of them suffer injuries and feather loss due to the cages’ wires.

The incredibly high stress levels and inability to move much sometimes leads to painful diseases such as osteoporosis. To prevent other hens from suffering like this, we are demanding Grupo Éxito stop selling eggs from caged hens. Sign the petition to support our ask for a complete policy that includes all of their brands.


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