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Sinergia Animal launches new visual identity

Three months away from turning four years old, Sinergia Animal is launching a new visual identity that better reflects the organization’s spirit and mission.

One of the most significant changes is the logo, which now has the shape of a sunburst. It is reminiscent of the sun, which represents a source of energy, and is linked to our spirit as an active and resourceful organization that fights vigorously for a better world for animals.

The sunburst is also a shape that radiates outwards through the lines that emanate from the core. This symbolizes our name, ‘synergy’, and our strong commitment to be a highly collaborative organization that builds synergies with other animal protection NGOs, as well as with other social justice movements.

Along with the new logo, Sinergia Animal has also adopted new fonts that fit better with the organization’s message. The main family font is now Acumin Pro, a sans serif font that is crisp, modern, and bold. This font choice is meant to communicate boldness, courage, strength, and truthfulness.

As a support font, we have chosen Palmer Lake, a handwritten font that symbolizes the empathy and sensibleness required to work on animal protection.

Our yellow changed from a light and bright yellow to a darker and warmer tone a little over a year ago, and we have decided to keep this new color. In addition to having better readability, the hue is considered to be stimulating, creative, inviting, and encouraging of communication.

On the updated visual identity guidelines, the brand also includes colors such as black and tones of gray as support colors.

“After some years of work, we feel we are still a young and energetic organization, but a more mature and experienced one. The new logo and visual identity serve to communicate this moment we are living”, explains Aline Baroni, Sinergia Animal’s Global Communications Director. “All of the changes made are aimed at highlighting Sinergia’s core values, such as boldness, collaboration, synergy, and truthfulness”, she concludes.


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