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Food Passion announces cage-free egg policy for Thailand

After negotiations with Sinergia Animal, Food Passion has published a commitment to use only cage-free eggs in all their restaurant chains. The company, which owns brands such as Bar B Q Plaza, Joom Zap Hut, and Charna, will fully complete the transition by 2025.

Coming from a group with over 190 outlets in Thailand, the new policy should improve the lives of thousands of hens, while also helping raise the standards for animal welfare in the country’s industry.

The horrifying truth behind battery cages

Battery cages are one of the cruelest factory farming practices for animals. In this system, laying hens spend their whole lives in a cramped metal-wire cage. Each hen has a space smaller than an A4 paper. In such a tiny cage they cannot perform many of their natural behaviors, such as the simple act of spreading out their wings or dust bathing.

Apart from the awful animal welfare conditions, battery cages also pose a public health threat: a study published in the European Food Safety Authority Journal shows that farms with battery cages are associated with a higher risk of contamination by Salmonella, a bacteria that causes a foodborne illness that can kill both humans and animals.

Sinergia Animal’s leading work in Thailand involves reducing the suffering of laying hens in the farming industry. The NGO works through dialogues, negotiations, and awareness campaigns with major food companies in the country, pushing for cage-free commitments.


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