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Chilean premade food chain Fork joins the cage-free movement

After conversations with Sinergia Animal, Chilean premade food chain Fork announced via Instagram their new corporate policy to stop using eggs from caged production systems.

Fork intends to reduce food waste and source ingredients from sustainable suppliers in their 16 Chilean stores. The company's cage-free policy takes a step forward in its supply chain to reduce the suffering of thousands of hens.

Over 15 Chilean brands and hundreds of international companies have similar policies to end the use of battery cage eggs, considered one of the cruelest factory farming practices.

"We are glad to see the growing number of companies willing to make compromises for animals, even in difficult times. We hope more will join every day since there are plenty of individuals affected by the caged production system that restrains hens' most natural behaviors, causing stress and various illnesses," declares Diamela Covarrubias, Director of Corporate Relations for Sinergia Animal.

Hens in well-administered cage-free production systems can carry out natural behaviors restricted by battery cages, such as stretching their wings, pecking the land, settling on posts, and taking sand baths.


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