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Cachafaz joins the Argentinian cage-free movement

Cachafaz has just announced a cage-free policy for laying hens to be applied to all its supply chain. The announcement comes after dialogues held between the company and Sinergia Animal to facilitate the transition.

Founded 15 years ago, Cachafaz is one of the most important food producers in Argentina. Its commitment to stop using eggs sourced from battery cage systems in all of its products began to be implemented in July, 2022. Cachafaz’s new policy represents a great advance for the cage-free movement in Argentina and Latin America.

The company has established itself in the food market with its trademark products like alfajores, cones, dulce de leche, wholemeal cookies, chocolate bars, and others. The companies’ products can be found in supermarkets and shops throughout the country and in international markets such as Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Estados Unidos, Canadá, and Panamá.

Battery cages are considered one of the cruelest agricultural practices. In these systems, hens spend their whole lives in cramped wire cages. Each hen has a space smaller than a sheet of A4 paper, within which they cannot perform many of their natural behaviors, such as spreading their wings or dust bathing.

Sinergia Animal uses dialogue, negotiations, and awareness campaigns to encourage major food companies to adopt cage-free policies in their supply chains.

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