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3 more Argentinian companies say no to battery cages

Three companies in Argentina, Brioche, Carne, and Pampa Gourmet, have recently announced cage-free policies for all of their supply chains in the country after negotiations with Sinergia Animal.

Argentinian Brioche Dorée has recently announced a cage-free policy to be applied to all of its locations in the country. The company is part of Groupe Le Duff, an international business operation and the second-largest bakery/café chain in the world. In Argentina, the company has 20 locations and has been partially sourcing its eggs from cage-free systems.

Only a few days after the campaign launch by Sinergia Animal, Carne committed to phasing out the use of eggs from caged hens to be completed by 2025. With 4 restaurants in Argentina, all run by one of the top chefs in the world, Mauro Colagreco, Carne has also published a commitment to only use cage-free eggs for all of their products.

Meanwhile, Pampa Gourmet, an Argentinian dressing and mayonnaise producer, has also committed to using only cage-free eggs. Even though they had already been using eggs from cage-free systems, the policy has made their decision permanent. The commitment made by Pampa Gourmet is particularly prominent since the company also supplies its products to major restaurants in the country.

Hopefully, these commitments will lead to more companies making a similar change in the gastronomy sector in Argentina and abroad.

The majority of eggs produced in South America are still sourced from battery cage systems, considered one of the cruelest factory farming practices for animals. In these systems, laying hens spend their whole lives in tiny cramped metal-wire cages, where they cannot perform many of their natural behaviors, such as the simple act of spreading out their wings or dust bathing.

Because of the sheer cruelty of this practice, more than a thousand companies have adopted cage-free policies worldwide. Many well-known food companies in Argentina such as Havanna, Green Eat and Carrefour, Café Martínez, Le Pain Quotidien, and Tostado Café Club, have also committed to a similar move.

Sinergia Animal’s leading work in Argentina involves reducing the suffering of laying hens in the egg industry. Through dialogues, negotiations, and public awareness campaigns with major food companies in the country, the NGO pushes for cage-free commitments to be adopted by companies in their supply chains.


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