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Actress Richa Chadda narrates video exposing cruelty against buffalo calves in India

Actress Richa Chadda, famous for playing in the film Fukrey Series, narrated and published on her social media the video of an undercover investigation that shows cruelty against buffalo calves. Male calves are considered an unwanted byproduct of the dairy industry as they don't give milk. So calves under one year old are killed by slitting their throats. Outrageously, these animals are forced to watch others being killed right in front of them, which is both inhuman and illegal.

"As a person who loves animals, it was heartbreaking to watch these videos. Many in India may be vegetarian, but almost everyone consumes dairy. We must act cumulatively‌, to lessen the pain, by either choosing a plant-based lifestyle, or raising awareness about this issue of cruelty", says Richa.

The images obtained by the international NGO Sinergia Animal show practices that, besides being cruel, violate Indian law.

Public health regulations are also being ignored and hygiene conditions are deplorable. Animal blood, which can carry diseases, is seen running down the streets in plain air. Pieces of meat are transported in the lorries of cars, without cover or refrigeration, attracting several insects.

Dairy production lies behind animal cruelty

Mistakenly seen as inoffensive for animals, the growing demand for dairy is the hidden reason why millions of calves are slaughtered in India. Buffalo milk currently accounts for 49% of milk produced in the country.

Like any other mammal, buffalos have to give birth to produce milk. Thus, females are continuously impregnated, and when babies are born they are sometimes immediately separated, so that the calves do not drink the milk that will be used for human consumption. Female calves are kept alive to produce milk, being subjected to the same cycle, like their mothers.

On the other hand, the millions of male babies that are born every year are considered useless by dairy farmers because they do not produce milk. According to a study conducted by scientists of the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, in most of the farms the calves die due to malnutrition and starvation. Others are brutally killed in places like the ones exposed by the investigation.

"It doesn't have to be like this," explains Aishwarya Nagula, Sinergia Animal's legal advisor in India. "Humans don't need to consume animal products to be healthy nor to have diverse and delicious meals", she states. The NGO highlights that not only are there several plant-based alternative products being developed lately, but also that it is very easy and affordable to make plant-based milk from scratch, such as peanut, coconut, oat or soy milk. Paneer, ghee and yogurt can also be replaced.

Richa agrees: "These calves are sentient beings and deserve our compassion. Everyone should do their part to help change this reality by considering plant-based dairy alternatives".

The investigation video can be watched here: English version | Hindi version.

Download high-resolution pictures and raw footage here.


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