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4 actions you can still do to help animals without leaving your home

In these times of Covid-19, the best thing you can do is stay home to help to mitigate the number of virus transmissions. But staying home doesn't mean we're giving up on helping animals: you can use your free time for good! Our team has put together a quick list of actions you can take to keep your activism going even when you are in isolation. See our list below and check off your ability to fight for animals! Sign our active petitions: Argentina Petitions

Colombia Petitions

Chile Petitions

Peru Petition: Join our group of volunteers: Argentina Group:

Chile Group: Start our vegan challenge for free, and receive tips and nutritional guidance for 21 days from a qualified nutritionist. If you are already vegan, you can help by sharing it with your friends and family. Share our content on social media. We create daily material filled with information, such as blog posts and images about animal rights and veganism. Stay home! It was never that easy to save the world. Of course, we are looking forward to fighting back on the streets when we can. But now it's time to protect our global health, so we can stay healthy to fight for animals together <3


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