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Colombian companies lead the regional ranking of transparency in animal welfare

The participation of Chilean, Argentinian, and multinational companies was low in a study that shows progress in the implementation of cage-free egg policies.

In a survey carried out by the international NGO Sinergia Animal in three Latin countries, Colombia positioned itself as the leading country for transparency in animal welfare. In total, 11 major brands reported their progress in the country, while only two Chileans and zero Argentinians shared data.

“Colombian companies have met their goals of using only cage-free eggs by 60 to 100%. We celebrate these results that will positively impact the lives of millions of animals,” said Diamela Covarrubias, Director of Corporate Affairs.

The second country that shared its results was Chile. Out of five companies analyzed, the fast-food, brand-holding company Unifood (Pedro, Juan & Diego, Pollo Stop, and Fuente Nicanor) and La Clementina restaurants were the only ones that reported clear and transparent progress regarding this animal welfare policy focused on laying hens. Other national companies, such as Lo Saldes and Melting Cook, were contacted but did not send their reports.

In Argentina, none of the national companies disclosed their data. Recognized establishments such as Freddo and Havanna were included in the list. “We regret that we did not receive a response that demonstrated the good practices and transparency of these companies. We will continue with this exercise next year, hoping that they will join with their reports and make their progress visible in view of the urgent situation experienced by farm animals,” explained Covarrubias, while noting “a marked lack of participation by multinationals such as Nestlé. , McDonald's, Subway and Kraft Heinz.”

In Latin America, the vast majority of laying hens are confined in battery cages throughout their lives. In these systems, animals can barely walk or spread their wings, forcing them to live without the ability to carry out their natural behaviors and promoting the development of painful bone diseases. For this reason, the NGO has worked with companies in the food sector to phase out these systems with a transition to 100% cage-free egg suppliers.

The theme is gaining more and more relevance in the regional and international scene. There are more than 240 companies committed to cage-free policies in Latin American countries. Of these, the NGO report verified the progress of 63 companies that have policies that apply either to the entire continent or only to Argentina, Chile, and Colombia. It also included companies with global commitments that have operations in Latin countries.

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About Sinergia Animal

Sinergia Animal is an international animal protection organization that works in countries of the Global South to reduce the suffering of farm animals and promote more compassionate food choices. We are recognized as one of the most effective animal protection NGOs in the world by Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE).

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