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Harper Juice Bar announces cage-free egg policy in Argentina

We keep moving forward! After talking with Sinergia Animal, Harper Juice Bar, a chain of natural juice bars, specialty coffee, and healthy products announced a cage-free egg policy throughout its supply chain in Argentina.

“We are thrilled that companies are beginning to take attitudes towards ending the worst practices of the food industry. We trust and will work so that more and more companies become part of this movement.” says Sinergia Animal Coordinator in Argentina, Romina Viscarret.

About 90% of the hens used to produce eggs in Argentina are subjected to battery cages, a system of confinement where animals cannot carry out many of their most basic behaviors such as walking, stretching their wings or establishing social hierarchies, as well throughout their lives, enduring a life of frustration and suffering.

Well known food companies in Argentina have already announced commitments to leave behind this cruel system, such as Havanna, Green Eat and Carrefour, CaféMartinez, Le Pain Quotidien, and Tostado Coffee Club.

Help us ask the Arcor giant to follow this example in our online petition!

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