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Investigators from the NGO Sinergia Animal visited Danone's milk supplier farms in Brazil and documented terrible practices involving cows and their calves. Check out the video of the new investigation below.

This is unacceptable and must end now!

Danone has an ethical and moral duty to put an end to the worst practices in the dairy industry in Brazil. But they continue without a clear stance against these atrocities, even after being confronted with such damning evidence!


Sign the petition to end these atrocities

Cows and calves can no longer wait. It's time for Danone take a stand against the killing of newborn male calves, the confinement of female calves in cages, painful mutilations, and other horrors documented on its milk supplier farms.

Please, do your bit by signing the petition and sharing the video. With your support, we can make sure the message reaches the company.

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Slaughter of male calves with improper stunning
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Female calves in cages where they can barely move
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Mutilations without pain relief

Because they have no use in milk production, male calves are commonly discarded¹. There is evidence that they are taken to slaughter within a few hours or days of birth and that they are transported and killed in ways that do not follow regulations. 

According to animal welfare experts, the calf shown in this video was not properly restrained, and the stunning gun was not placed in the correct location on its head. This could mean that it was conscious and experiencing pain when it was hung and bleeding.


Female calves can be kept in tiny cages for up to three months, basically immobilized, which harms their well-being and health. This practice is already prohibited in all European Union countries².

Cattle enjoy being close to each other. Studies³ indicate that they form emotional bonds with companions and can identify them.


Keeping these animals in cages or tying them with short ropes (as it is often done to males until they are taken for slaughter) prevents them from walking freely, from interacting with other individuals, and often from protecting themselves against extreme weather conditions such as rain, heat, and cold⁴ ⁵. This can also lead to stress, frustration, and death⁶ ⁷.

Calves have their 'horns' removed when they are very young, often in the first few months of life.

Known as dehorning, this is a common practice in the dairy industry, usually done without pain relief. These sensitive animals can suffer deep burns from the caustic paste used to prevent their horns from growing. The use of this paste can cause wounds, stress, and pain⁸.

Investigação_Danone (6).png
Male calves may not receive the first milk from their mother
Injured cows do not receive proper treatment

Male calves may not receive colostrum, the first milk from their mother, unless there is surplus after it is given to the females. This hinders the development of their immune system and can lead to death⁹.

Adult cows are typically kept in barns with artificial concrete floors, which can result in injuries¹⁰ and falls. Cows that can no longer move are lifted by tractors to be taken to the slaughterhouse.

This contradicts animal welfare standards that state euthanasia should be performed on the farm to spare the animal from further suffering.

What else can you do to help animals?

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Hazle saber a Walmart y todas sus marcas en Chile que esto es inaceptable.

Remember: the best way to protect these animals is not to consume dairy products and opt for plant-based milk, yogurt, and cheese.

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