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Two more companies commit to go cage-free

In February, two more companies announced commitments to go cage-free and to ban eggs from battery-cage systems in their supply chains after dialogues with Sinergia Animal and other animal protection organizations.

Food Delivery Brands has published its policy adhering to the European Chicken Commitment and has committed to using only free range eggs in its products in all its global markets by 2026. The Spanish company, which started its operations more than 30 years ago, now has more than 2,600 locations around the world, including in Chile and Colombia.

Lemon Farm, a leading Thai health and organic retailer with 17 locations within Thailand, has announced a commitment to use 100% cage-free eggs in all their current and future products. The policy represents a permanent decision and will be applied to all egg brands (private and third-party labels) in all of its locations.

Battery cages are considered one of the cruelest practices in animal farming. In these intensive systems, egg-laying hens are unable to perform many of their natural behaviors, such as spreading their wings completely, floor pecking, and nesting. Due to the extreme confinement, they experience high stress levels and are much more susceptible to the development of painful illnesses.

Sinergia Animal uses dialogue, negotiations, and awareness campaigns to encourage major food companies to adopt cage-free policies in their supply chains.

This is a big advance that will impact the lives of thousands of hens in many countries! Confinement in cages can cause hens immense suffering and frustration throughout their whole lives.


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