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Colombian business group announces three cage-free commitments

After speaking with Sinergia Animal and other animal protection organizations, business group IGA—of which the brands Andrés Carne de Res, Kokoriko, and Helados Mimo’s are a part—has announced a cage-free policy for laying hens that will apply to all of its products and its 316 stores in Colombia.

The companies, which are among the top 10 biggest restaurant and ice cream parlor chains in the country, will start using cage-free eggs by 2025. This announcement is the latest on the list of similar policies adopted by renowned Colombian companies like Sándwich Qbano, Levapan, Juan Valdés, Colombina, Crepes & Waffles, among others.

In Colombia, 75% of all laying hens are still raised in cramped ”battery” cages. This prevents them from being able to perform most of their natural behaviors, leading to significant suffering. The hens experience high stress levels and frustration of their natural instincts, and are much more susceptible to the development of painful illnesses.

With your support, we can continue our work to secure further commitments to put an end to battery cage systems. Millions of animals will be affected by your activism! Please, donate here.


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