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Sinergia Animal extends giant canvas in buildings as part of the campaign towards Carozzi

Activists of the NGO Sinergia Animal hung a canvas of 25 square meters on the roofs of buildings in the center of Santiago and in the commune of Ñuñoa. The action was part of a campaign to pressure the food company Carozzi to stop using eggs from hens confined in cages.

Sinergia Animal released a video that shows the whole action, which allowed hundreds of people to learn how the company’s products are made. Products such as pasta, mayonnaise, cookies, and pet foods contain eggs that come from systems where hens are locked in tiny cages throughout their lives.

“In this type of system, the hens cannot perform a series of species’ basic behaviors such as stretching their wings completely, pecking the ground, taking sand baths, perching and these conditions cause them stress, frustration and bone problems due to the lack of movement,” says Diamela Covarrubias, coordinator of Sinergia Animal in Chile.

The international NGO has been campaigning for two years for the third-largest food company in the country, Carozzi, to make a commitment to cage-free eggs for its products, following a worldwide trend that includes recognized food companies such as Unilever, Pepsico, Nestlé, McDonald's, Subway and Mondelez International.

“We know that Carozzi has the power to assume this corporate policy of reducing animal suffering and give a strong signal, as a relevant player in the national market,” says Covarrubias.

With an online petition on that has already reached 112,000 signatures, various actions on public streets, and protests in social networks, consumers and NGO activists have announced their dissatisfaction with the company that refuses to make this commitment to animals.

Chilean companies join the global trend

In addition to international commitments, national market actors have taken a step forward for the welfare of thousands of chickens and announced cage-free policies. This includes the Gastronomía y Negocios Group, which controls fast food brands such as Doggis, Juan Maestro, Popeyes, Holding Unifood (owner of XS Market, Pedro, Juan and Diego, and Pollo Stop), Carls Jr., the Lo Saldes bakery, and the Explora and Altiplánico hotel chains, among others.

“Fortunately, we see a growing interest on the part of the corporate sector in giving space to this type of initiatives, there is no doubt that consumer awareness is increasing and alternatives that cause less damage to the environment and animals are gaining ground,” adds Covarrubias.

About Sinergia Animal

Sinergia Animal is an international organization that works in the countries of the Global South to help animals in the food industry and promote more compassionate diets. The NGO is recognized as one of the most effective in the world by the renowned Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE).

Contact details

Diamela Covarrubias

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