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Awesome! Levapan announces a cage-free policy for 7 countries

One of Colombia's largest food companies, Levapan, has announced a commitment to outsource only from cage-free systems after discussions with Sinergia Animal and other animal protection organizations.

The transition will be completed in 2025 and will be valid in the 7 countries where it operates: Colombia, Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, and all its products. The Colombian company is a producer of sauces, and supplies for pastry and bakery shops, as well as agribusiness. In Colombia, Levapan owns the famous brand of sauces ‘San Jorge’.

This policy represents an impact on the lives of millions of egg-laying hens that will not have to spend their lives in cages. The company joins a trend shared by brands such as Unilever, Colombina, and Kraft Heinz, among many others.

In Colombia, about 70% of the egg industry uses battery cages. This system is considered one of the cruelest against animals. The hens spend their entire lives confined in a small space that prevents them from walking and performing their natural behaviors, in addition to causing them pain, frustration, and painful diseases.

Help us to continue working for animals and raising awareness among the largest companies on the continent, support Sinergia Animal here:

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